Having trouble issuing e-Certificates?

Let us help you issue both digital and PDF e-certificates, protected with state-of-the-art cryptography, to your attendees, participants, students, licensees, and others.

Trainings & Seminars

Migrating your classes online?

Organisations have increasingly moved their classes and seminars online. Posting printed certificates to the attendees would introduce logistical issues and increase costs. Sending a PDF could be insecure.

  • Generate secure digital and PDF e-certificates.
  • Automatically send certificates to the attendees’ email inboxes.
  • Protect printable PDF certificates with AES encryption.

Examinations & Licensing

Forgeries giving you a bad name?

Statutory bodies certify and license entitites. As these certificates have an intrinsic value to those who need it, these bodies face issues with forgeries, impersonations, and outdated credentials.

  • Specify expiry dates for e-certificates, beyond which, they are invalid.
  • Digitally sign certificates with ECDSA, just like Bitcoin.
  • Display the fully validated chain to prove authenticity.

Competitions & Events

Fake news going viral?

Competitions and sporting events are fun for everyone and quickly get shared on social media by participants. Without a link-back to verifiable results, it may be difficult to stop false claims from going viral.

  • Provide participants with a verified link-back to the validation page.
  • Participants can share their certificates to popular social media directly
Discount Credits!

Want a DISCOUNT when issuing certificates?

Purchase our prepaid store credits at a discount and use them during checkout. The credits are valid for up to 3-months from the date of purchase.

Chain of Trust

A verifiable chain of trust provides incontrovertible proof of the authenticity of the certificates, repudiating forgeries.

Distributed State

Our distributed database is built on the same robust technology that underpins the Hyperledger fabric state database.

Easy to Use

Simply upload a spreadsheet with the list of certificate credentials that you wish to issue, and leave the rest to us.

Strong Cryptography

State-of-the-art encryption is employed at all stages of the process to prevent tampering and forging of the certificates.

Personalised Layout

Select from a choice of generic and specialty certificate layouts that can be personalised with your own logo, colours, and font.

Automated Delivery

Once issued, the certificate and its relevant information will be directly delivered to the recipient’s email inbox.