Easily validate any certificate issued by Tauliah with a publicly accessible web application, and share it to popular social media.

Validation Application

Every certificate comes with a printed-link and QR-code that will bring a visitor directly to the validation application. The same link can also be shared to social-media, provided in a CV, etc. When a visitor visits the application, the certificate and its Chain of Trust is validated.

For successfully validated certificates, the application displays the following information:

  • Certificate thumbnail image.
  • Chain of Trust validation.
  • Issuer details.
  • Certificate details.

You can experience this process by using one of the demo links below to see what someone sees when they attempt to validate a certificate either by scanning the QR-code, typing in the link, or clicking a link-back from social-media.

Successful validation
Chain-of-Trust failure.
Expired user certificate.