Producing a CSV

A friendly guide to producing an error-free CSV to issue Tauliah certificates.

How to Produce the CSV

In order to mass produce a large number of certificates, automatically, you will need to upload a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. This is a common file format that is supported by most popular spreadsheet applications including Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Required Tools:

Google Docs.

Things Needed?

A list of certificates that need to be issued.

Steps to produce the CSV output:

Step 1: Copy the template.

Select a template from the list at the bottom of this site. You should select one that is the closest match to the type of credentials that you wish to store. Make a copy of the template so that you can work on it. Let’s call this the work-template.

Do this by selecting File > Make a Copy in the menu; and choosing where to copy it to.

Step 2: Remove fields from the template.

The template comes with a description of each field, on the second sheet called DESCRIPTION. Understand how each field is used and determine which fields are needed based on your requirements. Make a note of the restrictions on each field e.g. the EMAIL field can only hold valid e-mail addresses.

Remove any unnecessary columns from your work-template. Do not remove the first row, which are the headers, from the columns that are left.

Step 3: Populate the template.

Fill in the data that is needed for your certificates. You may leave out any unused fields. If you wish to automatically deliver the certificates, use the EMAIL field. Pay special care to the EXPIRY field, if used – the format of the date must be valid.

Each line of the spreadsheet represents a single certificate. Do not leave any empty lines in the document as these would still count towards the total certificates issued.

Make a note of the number of items that you have, which is the quantity of certificates to order.

Step 4: Save the spreadsheet as a CSV.

Once completed, download it as a CSV. Select File > Download > Comma-separated values from the menu. As a CSV file cannot store multiple sheets, ensure that the TAULIAH sheet is selected.

Save the file to your device. Make a note of this file as you will need to upload it with your order.