Competitions & Events

The Association organises an annual music festival and competition where the participants are given a certificate with their prizes printed on it. They also publish the list of winners in its printed newsletter, to congratulate the winners.

Due to the increasing popularity of the event and competition, the participants love to share pictures of their certificates and achievements on social media. While this helps to improve engagement and increase its reach, there is no way for The Association to stop anyone from doctoring an image or falsely claiming to be a winner in the competition. By the time that they find out about an incident, it may be too late as it may have already gone viral.

The Association could combat this by promoting and publishing the list of winners on its website. However, unless the people sharing their photos actively provide a link back to this list, there is no way that someone else would be able to verify their claims. Even if an interested third party, such as admissions clerks at various performing arts schools, were able to find the list on the website, it is not easy to navigate through the list by year, event, and category.

What The Association needs is a solution to issue digital certificates that are easy to share all over social media by the participants.

Since it lacks the expertise to do so on its own, the Tauliah system enables The Association to quickly issue digital certificates that show event details with the list of prizes won and awards received. The certificate is also easily shared to all popular social media platforms with a verification link. This increases the prestige of the overall event and the value of the competition.