Classes & Seminars

The Company used to conduct seminars or face-to-face training classes where the attendees were given a printed certificate upon completion.

Due to the pandemic, they have decided to forego face-to-face sessions and migrate everything online via webinars and video conferencing systems. But, the participants still expect to receive a certificate upon completion.

If The Company continued issuing printed certificates, in addition to the logistical problems that they would face in organising the delivery of the certificates, they would need to factor in the added cost of delivery as well, particularly if they open up their sessions to overseas attendees. Furthermore, printed certificates may become damaged during delivery and may also be delayed due to various reasons.

As the classes/webinars are now being delivered online, it is only logical that the certificates should be delivered in the same form.

The Company could send the attendees a PDF version of the printed certificate and the attendees could print out the certificate if they wished. However, there is no way that The Company can stop an enterprising individual from modifying the document and printing it out for their friends. The Company had inadvertently created a new problem that did not exist previously, by simply sending out digitised copies of its printed certificates.

What The Company needs is a solution to issue true digital certificates, with a simple public interface to verify the authenticity of the certificates.

Since it lacks the expertise to do so on its own, the Tauliah system enables The Company to easily issue digital certificates that securely store the participants details along with the names of the classes that they have completed. This increases the confidence that the attendees have towards the organisation and helps it to grow its audience.