Ease of Use

Issuing digital certificates should not require super-human abilities. Traditional methods of issuing digital certificates are often time consuming and expensive. Our system is designed to make this process painless.

To issue digital certificates, just upload a spreadsheet containing the required information. A detailed description and template of this spreadsheet is provided below. So, anyone capable of entering data into a spreadsheet can use our system to issue digital certificates.

You may provide as much or as little information as your particular usage scenario dictates. For example:

  • When issuing certificates to attendees of a workshop, merely provide the name of the attendee, the title of the course, and the date it ran. 
  • When issuing certificates to competition participants, simply supply the name of the participant, name of the event, category, and prizes won. 
  • When issuing professional licenses, just upload the name of the licensee, serial number, expiry date, locality, class/category, and other statutory details.

The certificates will be issued shortly after receiving the prescribed fee and a summary report will be emailed upon completion of the process. There is also the option to deliver the certificate directly into the recipient’s email inbox.

To validate any digital certificate, just use the verification link provided and it will supply the visitor with details of the certificate issued, details of its chain of trust, along with all of their validated cryptographic signatures.

The same verification link can be shared across social media.

An interested third party who visits the verification site may search for the particulars of a certificate, which will bring up the same details. This is particularly useful for school admissions, job applications, and other similar uses.