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Upload a CSV file containing the list of entity certificates to issue. A guide on how to produce this file can be found here. If the size of the CSV file is too big, you should break it up into multiple files and submit them as separate items in your order.

The number of certificates issued is determined by the quantity ordered, not by the number of rows in the CSV. If there are 150 rows in the CSV, please increase the quantity ordered to 150.

(max file size 2 MB)

By submitting this file, you declare that you have obtained consent from those entities, whose particulars are found in the CSV file uploaded, to send their data to Tauliah for processing.

It is impossible to alter any issued certificate. Each unique certificate is digitally signed and cannot be altered nor amended. Please ensure that the data contained in the CSV is accurate.

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The following columns in the CSV file can be utilised:

Certificate serial number printed in the corner e.g. SN2020-00001
Printed in the middle of the certificate.
The name of the event appearing under NAME e.g. Festival of Competitions Contest
Detail of the event e.g. Under 70 Category, Date of Event, etc.
The venue of the competition/event e.g. Malaysia.